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Every idea has a story.

This one begins in Two Indian Homes.

At one end, Snigdha, a lawyer and mother of two, was striving to balance her demanding career with a motherly mission of nurturing her home - one culinary experiment at a time, to ensure the best nutrition for her children

At another place, about fifty kilometres southwest, at the same time,

Sakshi, an IT professional of 10 years and mother of one, was on a personal quest. Driven by her child's dietary needs, was on a mission to discover allergy-free food, only to be confronted by a troubling lack of transparency in on-shelf product ingredients.

Their individual journeys converged,

Leading them to a shared mission—creating MOOOGLYto offer transparent, nutritious, and time-saving meals.

Their personal experiences became the essence of MOOOGLY’s vision, a world where every busy parent can easily provide their children with nutritious and delicious meals, regardless of any dietary restrictions. MOOOGLY is more than a brandit’s a movement for equal parenting, building a community that supports all parents on their children’s nutritional journey.


Our vision extends beyond just providing meals. We aim to nourish every child’s future with healthy, delicious, and natural meals. As staunch advocates for equal parenting, we strive to arm all parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their children’s nutrition. We aspire to transform the landscape of children’s nutrition, establishing Mooogly as a beloved and trusted name in homes across India and beyond.


Mooogly’s mission is to alleviate the pressures of modern parenting by delivering convenience, peace of mind, and most importantly, nutritious food choices for children. We aim to foster a healthier generation by encouraging equal parenting and promoting transparent, wholesome food choices. Through our offerings, we reflect the love and care that goes into our own children’s meals. We invite you to join us in our mission as we build a healthier, tastier future for our children, together.

Sustainable Practices

At Mooogly we're not just thinking about the present; we're committed to the future. As a plastic-positive brand, we're constantly striving to make our footprint greener. Our aim is to make our entire production process transparent, accessible, and environmentally friendly, strengthening our commitment to a clean and transparent label.

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