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-36% Chocolate & Chilla Mix (Moong and Amaranth Chilla, Ragi and Nuts Chocolate mix)
    -34% Sweet Nutri-Treat Duo Combo (Ragi & Nuts Chocolate mix, Sweet Potato Pancake)
      -28% Sweet & Savory Duo (Moong and Amaranth Chilla, Sweet Potato Pancake)
        -29% Nutritious Pancake Mix (Sweet Potato Pancake, Nuts & Seeds Powder)

          Nuts Seeds mixes

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          -34% Nuts & Seeds Powder (100gms)
            -25% Ragi and Nuts Chocolate mix (200gms)

              Pancakes, Dosas & Chillas

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              -22% Kodo and Moringa Dosa Mix, Pack of Two (400gms)
                -20% Moong and Amaranth Chilla, Pack of Two (400gms)
                  -14% Sweet Potato Pancake (200gms)
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