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Start Clean: Choose Kid’s Food With Transparent Labels

Start Clean: Choose Kid’s Food With Transparent Labels

When the sentiment, ‘that food in the past was more nutritious compared to the present time’ is expressed by our parents and grandparents, we agree to this. Don’t we?

The reason is very straightforward, their food was simple. It was easy to describe what they were eating. It was free from complex ingredients. And that’s exactly what today’s parents should choose for their children.


“Easily assess clean and transparent food labels for your child’s safety. Short, understandable ingredients empower parents’ choices.”

To know more about what clean and transparent labels consist of and why they should be preferred over non-clean and non-transparent labels, read further.


Nutritional Needs for Wholesome Growth 

Choosing food with clean and transparent labels is essential not just to eliminate food that has additives, allergens, or preservatives, it is also important to make this choice to provide your kid with a wholesome diet.

Your kid is at a stage of rapid growth and development. You need to make sure their food has all the essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates, to provide them with the kind of growth they need. In fact, parents not only have to confirm what goes into their child’s body but they also have to see what should not go be consumed by the little ones. For instance, excessive sugar and salt consumption is a concern in children’s diets, as it can lead to various health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Providing them with homemade food is one way to ensure that their nutritional needs are being fulfilled and another way is choosing brand products that advocate clean and transparent labelling. Products with clean labels contain real, wholesome ingredients that contribute positively to a child’s growth and development.


Detailed Ingredients Information

Food brands that truly believe in clean labels will declare not only ingredients and nutrient values on the backside of the pack. They would rather give detailed information such as the source of ingredients, allergen information, fair trade certifications, and storage information, to name a few things.

When you have such detailed information about food at your disposal in an easily understandable manner, it becomes easy to ensure that your kid gets all the required nutrients in the right quantity. Additionally, such clear information helps parents identify safe and allergen-free options for their children.

Portion Control

As discussed earlier, clean food labels are not only about giving detailed information about the ingredients used. It is also about sharing nutrient content with the buyers. Clean label brands go the extra mile and guide their valuable customer about how much that particular food should be consumed at the moment for it to be effective enough. This helps in developing a habit amongst children to keep a check on the portion of the meal they are consuming in the long term. They may also share the time of the day when it is best to have that food item.


Educate Kids At An Early Age

Interestingly, when, as parents, you make such mindful food choices for your children from the beginning, you pave a path of educational experience for them. You make them aware of nutrition and foster a habit of making the right choices from a young age. Additionally, you set the stage for a lifetime of informed and healthy eating habits. And since clean label food ingredients are easy to read and understand, you can make your kids a part of choosing the right food at an early age. This teaching about clean and transparent food labels not only helps the kids make better food choices but also encourages critical thinking about what they eat and develops a sense of responsibility for their own nutrition.


In other words, what you have been making sure of from their early age – wholesome nutrition, non-allergen food, dietary restrictions, keeping a check on their high sodium level & sugar, portion control – food items with clean labels makes it easier for them to continue this healthy tradition.


How to Differentiate?

Here is an example to illustrate the difference between how ingredients are mentioned on a clean and transparent label versus a non-clean and non-transparent label for a kid’s food brand:

Clean and Transparent Label: Moong and Amaranth Chilla



  • Moong Dal
  • Urad Dal
  • Pink Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Amaranth leaves powder
  • Moringa leaves powder
  • Ajwain & asafoetida


In this example, the clean and transparent label lists recognizable, natural ingredients. Also, it clarifies that amaranth and moringa are in powder form.


Non-clean and Non-transparent Label: Moong and Amaranth Chilla



  • Dal
  • Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Amaranth
  • Moringa
  • Other spice mixes
  • Sprouted millets
  • Preservatives (BHT, BHA)


In contrast, the non-clean and non-transparent label for a regular chilla packet lists a long list of ingredients, including artificial flavours, sprouted millets, other spice mix, and synthetic preservatives. It does not specify that pink salt has been used. Additionally, the form in which amaranth and moringa are used isn’t clearly mentioned. Moreover, other spice mixes could include unlimited items and sprouted milled are not specified either.


Did you see the difference?

Now, do you also approve of the first example? Well, the brand mentioning the ingredients in such a clean and transparent manner is none other than Mooogly and the product in the example is here (Click on the link to learn more about the product and how to use it).

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